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.ORF files-Batch import for PSE2.0

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  • .ORF files-Batch import for PSE2.0

    Can I import RAW Olympus files, .ORF files, as a batch into PSE2.0?

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    Can you open the files individually?


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    • Caravaggio
      how do you open MOS files?
      by Caravaggio
      Does anyone know how to open MOS files not using Capture One? MOS files won't open in CC camera raw for me. Under get info it says that it is a Leaf RAW image.
      I had a free trial to Capture One, but it expired and I am not eager to purchase it.
      Thanks for your help.
      12-29-2013, 09:50 AM
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      Are there any programs similar to Capture One that Process & CORRECT JPG Files?? I have tried Breeze Browse, ACDC & Thumbs Plus which do not assist you in Correction & Processing JPG Files as does Capture One with RAW Files
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      hi there....

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      I downloaded sample 100MP Raw Files (IQ3) - and my first question was - "OMG, how long it is going to take me to retouch one image?" What is your opinion?

      Regards, Filip
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      hope theres something...
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