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Selection and painting on layer having a layer mask from Hidden Power Tools?

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  • Selection and painting on layer having a layer mask from Hidden Power Tools?

    I inadvertently first put this message in the software forum. I meant to put it here. Sorry about that.
    I am making a collage using PE2. I have a background layer (solid color) and then each photo is on its own layer with a layer mask used from the Hidden Power Tools. I was hoping to use the mask to paint with black on each photo to make each of them irregular shaped and remove excess parts of each photo. To do this, I turned off the visibility of all layers except the one I was working on. So, on the layer I was working on (highlighted), the image was visible and the rest of the layer was transparent. I would now like to remove parts of the photo by making those parts opaque by painting with black and have the parts painted over, reveal the background layer color. This works fine except some of the transparent parts of the layer also are painted black, which covers the background layer color and changes the background layer color, which I don't want. So, what I need to be able to do is select just the image on the layer and not the tranparent part of the layer so I can paint just on the image and not on the transparent part of the layer. I tried using "Select All," but the whole layer is selected (image plus transparent part).
    How do I select just the image part of the layer and not the transparent part of the layer, so I can paint with black just on the image and not be concerned about the black paint getting anywhere else on the layer besides the image?
    Richard Hirschman

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    Didn't see this posted here.

    I am not clear on a few things:

    1) are the separate photos each on their own layer using their own layer mask? This is a rather fine are using one mask for each layer?

    2) Which tools are you using for the mask: free tools or the ones in the book?

    3) I am not sure where you are painting the black without knowing the answer to #2, but it seems you want some black on the masking as well as on the image?

    Please let me know. Posting a screen shot of the setup would help tremendously if you can...or send as an attachment to: [email protected]


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      Hi Richard,
      Thanks so much for your reply and for a great book and tools, even for a newbie with PE2 like me.
      Since the time I posted the question, I realized (with a little help), what I was doing wrong and was going to post it here soon - a real newbie mistake. I was trying to paint with black on a layer mask to cover up part of an image (each image on its own layer and each with your layer mask from your book), but I did not click on the layer mask icon in the layers palette. So, of course I was painting black on the image and on the transparent part of the layer.
      Thanks again. I appreciate your time, effort, knowledge and willingness to share - not all that common these days.


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        Glad you got it solved and are moving ahead. I was of the impression that a lot of even newbie users would benefit from the tools if they had the right background and interest -- many comments like yours confirm that. I am very glad to hear it.

        Let me know if there are additional questions!