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Canvas/image size mismatch problem

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  • Canvas/image size mismatch problem


    I did a slight crop around the edge of an image. Now the canvas is showing around the edge in the cropped away area. In image|resize, the image and canvas show as the same (new, cropped, correct) size. It's like PSE thinks they're the same size, but the canvas is definitely bigger visually. I can drag the image around inside the edged of the canvas with the move tool. If I resize the canvas slightly bigger, the image is ll of a sudden way way smaller than the canvas, as if it is not being recognized at the correct size. Anyone know what's happening? Thanks!


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    My only guess is that when you selected the area to crop, you were outside of the image area. Photoshop will let you drag the crop boundries off of the image - which will then give you a "border" of the canvas, around the edge.


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      Thanks Vikki

      I think that is what happened. Boy I wish undo's were still there after save and reopen a file! (or are they...)



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