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deleting file icons (previews)

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  • deleting file icons (previews)

    I've noticed that when I go to have my digital pix printed at a kiosk, if the file has a preview icon (ie a thumbnail of the actual picture is the file icon), the kiosk will think there are two images for each picture (the real one and the preview icon). This is a pain.

    Does anyone know how to remove the preview icon--better yet, batch remove a bunch of them?

    FWIW, I'm using a Mac. I know I can remove them one at a time by doing a "get info" on the file, selecting the icon, and then "cutting" it away. That's slow when I have lots of pix!


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    Under Preferences>Saving Files, change the Image Previews to Never Save, and run a batch on the image to re-save.

    Can't run a batch to do that, you say? Sure you can. Get the batch enhancement here:
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    Isn't exactly the solution, but will be quicker than doing it manually. Get all your images in a folder and batch them using Channel Mixer TIFF -- make no changes on the mixer and save. You could also try the lowest sharpening.

    I could be coaxed to add something to this set or create a utility set...and then again, you can possibly record your own using a PS6 demo, which I believe can be located on

    That help?


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      Perfect & Fast solution

      Use GrimRipperCM

      GrimRipperCM let Delete Resource Fork with Right Mouse Button Menu (Contextual Menu) from selected file.

      GrimRipperCM variants:
      StandardCM: equivalent to original version with two submenus
      ProCM: one submenu
      ExtremeCM: command available at root menu level

      Other Utility that work same way (contextual menu) is

      That allow add or remove Custom Icon/Preview/Thumbnail. It let convert images to other formats. With QuikcImage you can Batch Rename selected images.

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