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    I am being told by the only close lab, that uses a Fuji Frontier printer, that it does not matter the color profile I use because they only use the Fuji one and there is none for Elements just photoshop.

    He made it sound like no matter what I do there is no gurantee that the print will match what I see on my monitor. I can come close if I buy the spyder or just match to a print from the machine.

    What good are color profiles when it seems no one pays any attention to them.

    They are forcing people to print their on images.

    What good is it to buy these expensive Photoshop programs if the lab is going to do their on color adjustment or even if you tell them on adjustment there is a great chance the picture will come back looking different then what you saw on your monitor.

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    Good News. All Fuji Frontiers use the basic sRGB profile. I've had great success just using the standard sRGB profile (not Adobe's sRGB).

    Also, no matter how accurate a profile you have, to get the best results, send a test image, match to screen, and make appropriate adjusments. There's no getting around it.


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      Vikki is right on. Whether you use profiles or not you should always test to see what you are going to get.

      Profiles are not magic. They should just be a means of improving results if you use them at all. You should very well be able to get results without them.


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