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  • Fading a layer

    In PE2, or using Hidden Power tools, does anyone know how to smoothly dissolve part of a layer, like a gradient effect. so that the underlying layer shows through? If there were some way to use the standard gradient options, some interesting results might be achieved.

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    There are several ways to do this. Try this one:

    1. Create the content of the layer that you want to 'blend' in its own layer, over the background. call this layer Content.

    2. Activate the Background and create a new blank layer. call it Mask.

    3. Fill the layer from step 2 with a gradient from white to transparent; this will require adjusting the gradient tool via the Gradient Editor.

    4. Group the Content layer with the Mask layer.

    This will use the solidity of the Mask layer to remove intensity of the Content layer.

    You can paint or fill the Mask layer in other ways to affect the masking content and the result.

    That help?

    Richard Lynch


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      Worked like a charm, Richard! My background was a negative (inverse of the photo) and the content was the photo itself. First I made the foreground color white, and then I opened an adjustment gradient layer as the mask layer. This way you get a neat little 360 arrow that allows you to swing the gradient around. Playing with the stops in the gradient editor affords great control over the effect.
      Thanks for a simple solution!


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