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Making a slideshow on Mac

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  • Making a slideshow on Mac

    Yo Richard!!

    I got this from another forum, but can't find an answer.

    PSE 2, Macintosh 10.2.8

    File>Automation Tools>PDF Slideshow

    You would expect the images to show up in the slide show in some order related to their names, the order they are selected in, creation date or SOMETHING that is at least predictable.

    The slideshow is created and works fine BUT, the images show up in some random order that makes no sense.

    In the dialog box, it is possible to drag the images around and place them in the correct order, but this should not be necessary and is a pain if you have many images.

    ?? There must be a "hidden" action or something that produces the slideshow, can it be located and tweaked??

    Curious minds want to know. Apparently this works fine under Windows.

    I could use iPhoto, but iPhoto is one of the least user friendly apps I've ever seen!!

    Thanks, Margaret

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    The solution is perhaps a little easier than tweaking anything. When you load up the images by selecting them during the browse stage, you can re-order them in the list any way you want by clicking and dragging the items. Elements creates the pages for the resulting multi-page PDF from the top of the list down.



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      Thanks Richard, I was hoping that there was a way for the images to stay in the order they are selected rather than having to move them around later.

      Having to move the images to the proper order still beats any other slideshow creation app that I've tried.

      Take care, Margaret


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