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  • Color Space conversions

    I have signed on with a stock photo agency that wants images converted to AdobeRGB. My Nikon produces an untagged RGB image that is ostensibly sRGB. I use no color management in PE1, I have a calibrated monitor (eye-one) and my prints at home are (nearly) perfect. But if I convert my untagged images to sRGB (limited color management) or AdobeRGB (full color management) in PE1, the images get ruined. How can I get hundreds of my images converted to AdobeRGB without screwing them up? Any suggestions?
    Many thanks

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    Perhaps your images are looking bad for two reasons.
    From my experience, the best way to to the conversion is this (and I'm not even sure you can in Elements).
    Set your color preferences to "Ask" what to do when opening an image that doesn't match your profile.
    A box will pop up now, whenever you open a camera image. What you want to to is "Assign" your camera profile, then "convert" to "working" profile (which you should have set to Adobe sRGB (since that is your output). This is all done in one step when you open your images.
    The other thing is to check what profile you may have "soft proofing" set to . If you want to see how it looks in Adobe sRGB, then set it to that.


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      First let me say that my images look fine as they are. Check my web galleries - these look pretty much as I edited them on my calibrated monitor. I can't soft proof in PE1, but I could in Qimage, my printing program, if I wanted to. I don't. I have set my monitor ICC profile as the generic one used by all applications on my computer.
      Do you have Elements Vikki? I don't think Elements can be set to ask about color management. I imagine that by setting PE1 to full color management (which I think converts everything into AdobeRGB) I could then fix new images from my camera to look good in this colorspace. I haven't tried this but suspect editing in my cameras "colorspace" is much less work to get the colors right. But what about the hundreds I have already finished? I also have IRfanview which has a good batch process. I don't know if that would help.
      I don't have a profile for my Nikon 4500. These do not seem to be readily available.
      I know how images look in AdobeRGB, by setting PE1 to full color management. That applies AdobeRGB right?

      Thanks for your efforts Vikki. I'm still hoping I can get away with using PE1 in spite of its limitations for color management. I'm just clueless about how to do it.


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        I use PE2 and I have a similar problem using full colour management. My Canon G3 images are close to (but not quite) sRGB - so I generally use "colour management off" to edit my images; otherwise all the reds are blown right out. In PE2 you can tag each image with the callibrated monitor profile with colour management off by ticking the appropriate box in the save as screen and then saving. This means that after you have done this for each image, you can then reopen them in Elements with "full colour management" and they will then display correctly - as originally edited, even in the Adobe RGB that full colour management uses. Now whether this is enough for the company that you are dealing with I don't know. My knowledge of colourmangement gets hazy around this point as I don't use the full version of PS!


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          Have you tried embedding the profile by switching the color management while the image is open (p. 23-24)? Does this produce unsatisfactory results?


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