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    Does PSE2 have a tool similar to this one in Ulead PhotoImpact-It is a tool under their Retouch Tool Panel then you select Retouch-Remove Noise. You then click on spots of noise and it removes them. Unlike the stamp/clone tool it doesn't leave dark spots on light background leaving you constantly restamping areas to match. It really works well to remove white spots, noise/backscatter from underwater pix.

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    i haven't used the tool so I have nothing to compare it to.


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      rhpenning -- not an answer to your question, but can you use the stamp/clone tool in a mode other than "Normal" in PSE (you can in full PS -- there's a pull-down list for the mode up on the top options bar after you've selected the tool)? If so you can set it to "Darken" or "Lighten" before cloning to remove noise and that helps with preventing the problem you've described.


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        That can certainly help. I am still curious as to what the other tool is supposed to be doing however. I hope we get an example!


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          Noise removal

          That's interesting - I haven't checked.

          If you do a lot of noise removal then Noise Ninja is good. Grain Surgery is also not bad. See and (for NN).

          Note: Noise may not be visible if you don't enlarge the image - and there is arguably no point in removing noise if you can't see it. A common problem is looking images which are enlarged on screen - so this really shows up the noise. If this is the mostly likely way that the images are going to be viewed then NN (or GS) can help a lot, but if the images are going to be printed out in "normal" sizes then the high frequency noise will probably disappear.

          I went round this loop quite a bit recently while trying to decide which of two similar cameras to buy (Fuji 602, 7000). One had lower resolution and low noise levels, and the other had higher resolution and higher noise levels. Normal size prints from both are very good - and the resolution and noise appear the same, but enlargements from the high resolution model definitely show more noise - though also more detail. Swings and roundabouts ....
          The 602 wins in my opinion - that's today's view anyway.