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Photoshop Elements 2 on Win XP

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  • Photoshop Elements 2 on Win XP

    I have Photoshop Elements 2 on a hybrid CD that I got a couple of years ago. I've been trying to convince my XP using friend to try PSE so I used my CD to install on her XP machine so I could show her it's power.

    The experiment backfired because PSE wouldn't run and then we couldn't uninstall it either. gaaaaa

    I'm a Mac user and my fingers still feel funny after handling that windows keyboard and I know I did wrong trying to install from my CD on her machine but wanted to save time downloading the demo.

    My question: Does PSE 2 run on XP? I can't see why it wouldn't. Has there been upgrades to PSE since my CD was issued that would be required - If my friend goes down to Staples and buys a copy now, will she be able to install it and run or have I done something stupid that will cause her problems down the road?

    I expect I'll end up hiring someone who knows what they're doing to set things right - I don't want any more experience with XP - but I'm hoping someone here can set me on the right track.

    Thanks, Margaret

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    I've got a copy of PSE 2 on my XP and it works just fine. No problems whatsoever.


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      I could see why it shouldn't work. Does anyone have any idea why it might not have?

      I didn't get an error, all it said was "The application PSE is going to quit now, sorry for the inconvenience. You'll lose anything you haven't saved" (or words to that effect) no clue as to why it was quitting.

      Take care, Margaret


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        My installation CD contains installations for both Macs and PCs, is it possible that yours is suitable for Mac installation only. Only other suggestion is that you have not entered the code no. properly.


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          It is a hybrid CD and I must have entered the code properly because it did install, it just won't run.

          I think my CD is pre-XP and doesn't have some important .dll or something required to make it work on XP.

          Thanks for trying, Margaret


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            Adobe applications on XP

            Somewhere I read that Adobe applications on Windows XP requires Service Pack 2.


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              That could be the problem Bob, thanks for the reply. Now that v3 is out, my friend can buy the new version and fight with it herself. She's resisted all my efforts to help her with her computer problems although she continues to have them and continues to call me for help

              I don't mean to imply that PhotoShop Elements and Win XP together are a problem, just that my friend's particular computer is a problem due to her lack of maintenance of it.

              Take care, Margaret