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magic lasso goes zooming!

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  • magic lasso goes zooming!

    Help! When I use the magic lasso tool to select something in a photo and I get close to the edge of the picture, the tool takes off on it's own, zooming off into space toward the edge of the screen! Then I have to start all over. This is driving me nuts. Can anyone explain this and tell me how to keep this from happen

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    You might check if "Snap to Grid" is on. That gave me similar fits with the cropping tool. (It's on the view menu in Mac. Elements 2.) -Mark


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      still zooming

      I tried the "snap to grid" choice. Doesn't help. But thanks for the idea!


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        Try this

        This happens a lot, and i'd like to say I've found a way to rectify it, but...

        One thing you can try, rather than starting again, is to use the shift and alt keys to add/subtract from your dud selection (shift to add, alt to subtract). This is probably the best option if you are working on a large image where you need to zoom to get the level of detail you want to select. You can keep adding and subtracting to your heart's content until you have the selection you wanted.



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          Thanks Darren, on another forum where I was begging for help, it was suggested I could use the backspace key to "reverse" my way back to the picture, deleting spots along the way. That helped a lot.
          They also said, in a large image, if I needed to move the screen to see more picture, just push the spacebar and hold it to get the grabber hand, pull the pix where you wanted it, then let up the spacebar and continue on with your selecting. That was a great hint.