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changing default save format from psd to jpeg

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  • changing default save format from psd to jpeg

    Fixing up a bunch of Jpeg images and want to resave them in jpeg. Photoshop, of course, wants you to save them in psd by default. Is there a method so you don't have to go through all the key strokes to change from psd to jpeg for each image you save? Is there a method to permanently change the default save file type to jpeg?

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    It'll only ask you to save them as a PSD if you've done something to the file that can't be saved as a jpeg, such as using layers.

    If you've got a plain flat file that was originally a jpg, it'll still default to jpg.

    One way of bypassing the problem is to write an action that saves as a jpg to a specified folder, and running that action each time instead of doing save as.



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