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    How do I get an image into photo shop with a copy and paste? I have been saving the images first and then opening them in CS. There has to be a copy and paste. I use psp and all I do is copy and then paste with a right click right into the canvas. How is this done in photoshop? Neb

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    If you open photoshop with no file open within it and then chose file->new, it will automatically suggested your clipboard size for the new document and after creating the paste command will be available. Another method is dragging a file into the photoshop window. So if your window is not full screen, then you can select the file and then drag it into the open workspace and photoshop will automatically open it in the workspace.


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      Thank you for the heads up on this function.
      The drag did not work it just brought an empty white canvas.

      Opening a canvas and doing the paste worked well!!

      Thanks so much for helping!! NEB


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