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not a valid win32 apllication

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  • not a valid win32 apllication

    Had to restore my PC a few weeks ago and reinstalled PhotoShop7. When I view a pic in My Picture's and open in PS7 I get that message. I can open PS7 and pick the photo and it will allow me to work on it then. I also use Registry Mechanic and may have deleted a certain file. Wondering which way to go now??? Thanks for any tips !!!!!

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    May be a problem with the file association? In My Pictures, right-click the graphic file you're trying to open and look at the Properties. There should be something like an "Open with:" setting. Reset it to PhotoShop to make sure it's set correctly. Don't know if that's the problem, but worth a try. What OS are you using?

    - Kurt


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      Thanks .... WXP Home Edition SP2


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        chances are that either the xp install or the PS7 install went wrong. What I suggest is to uninstall PS7 (copy your presets folder and save it somewhere safe if you have custom brushes and actions first then put it back afterwards).
        Run sfc/ scannow (go to start>run and type that in, this will check the fundamental windows files) you may/will need your windows disk. If you don't have one i'll tell you how to do it the long way.
        Then reinstall PS7.
        Also use regscrubxp (search google for it - it's freeware and it's safe). It comes recommended by a pc journalist i know as being one of the better reg cleaners for xp. That and easycleaner from toniarts which is also freeware.

        give that a go and see how you get on,



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          Thanks for the Help!!! Got her working Now !!!!


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