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  • Can't open file

    I was working on an image resoration of an old family photo in Photoshop CS. I saved it, reopened it, worked on it, saved it, and then the bird hit the fan! I can't open it anymore.


    If you want to email me I can forward the image, possibly. Dunno.



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    That happened to me once but it was when I tried going to File>Open.... instead I used Open Recent Files and it worked. Don't know if that helps at all. Computers can be so wacky and it never seems to be the same.


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      No luck there

      Thanks, but I tried that too - it was too far back to come up as I had let several weeks go by... In the meanwhile I've tried changing the suffixes, ie: jpg, psd, tif. Nothing seems to be working - shame as I've got so much time in it, and it was coming along so nicely...


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        There is a free program for the mac called "graphic converter," this little program has helped me with the same problem as you stated. Don't know if they have something for PC.


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          It has to do with the coding. Try file>open as. When the dialog box appears, select jpeg.,,bmp. This will show what files for the selected prefix. This image could have been saved in its orginal coding.


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            Thanks, John


            Thanks. That did it.

            Evidently my new scanner with SilverFast Ai used a profile that is not supported by PS. It converted, opened it initially and the time after that, but for some reason decided that it didn't want to convert it anymore.

            Regardless, it's open - thanks - that was a lot of work to be looking at losing.

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              Please try this

              You did the restoration by using PS8cs? if PS8cs, try to open the lock file by using photoshop7, this kind of problem occosed if only using PS8cs but not any version of Photo shop, I alerady face such problem


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                Thanks to all...What do you think of...

                ...I recovered the image and finished the restoration/retouching. It can be viewed at:

                I'd like to know what the rest of you are doing with these older tintype images. I've been scanning them in RGB to keep the hand tinting that the photographer did. In this image the rosy cheeks and the gold jewelry add to the character of the photo, in my opinion.

                I've had a few viewers of my gallery criticize me for keeping the tinting, but to get rid of it would be to destroy a vital historical component I feel.



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                  well, if you know for sure that hand tinting was done, then by ALL means, leave it in! i would say the same for later images that were colorized at the studio. leave it IN! it was common years ago, before color photography, for a photographer to maintain a colorizing artist on the premises. so yes, this is maintaining the historical.

                  very nice work, btw!



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