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NEED URGENT HELP - Adobe Photoshop CS2 - Out of memory even with 1.4GIG RAM installed

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  • NEED URGENT HELP - Adobe Photoshop CS2 - Out of memory even with 1.4GIG RAM installed

    I need this repaired ASAP. I must do some editing for a client and I am now in trouble if I don't get this fixed ASAP.

    I just don't get this! I had 512megs of memory and occassionally had out of memory issues in photoshop.

    So I spent $100+ to get 1 GIG more and now with a total 1.46GIG's of RAM installed and I STILL get the famous error

    "Could not complete your request because there is not enough memory (RAM)"

    In fact, I am getting MORE out of memory errors in photoshop with 2X more RAM than I started with..

    I originaly had the default 50% ram given to adobe.. and then tried 75% and still get the errors 90% of the time.

    I checked windowsXP Task Manager Processes and indicates that photoshop is using no more than approx 300-400megs of ram with approx 1010megs being given to photoshop, YET according to Processes, photoshop.exe is only using between 41MEGS - 400megs.. Processes claims a Commit Charge of "2244M/2688M"

    HELP!?!?! Adobe recommends 384Megs of ram.. If that is the case, HOW can I be running out of memory if I have 1.4 GIGS?

    Cache is set to 1.. I've tried up to 9..

    The computer:

    CPU: Pentium 3.0 GHz
    RAM: 1.46GIGs

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    The only thing I can think of is that possibly you don't have enough room on your hard drive (a.k.a. scratch disk). Have you checked that recently? Adobe uses both the RAM and the hard drive for memory so that could impact it.

    Here is an article on improving photoshop performance for computers with more than 1GB of RAM.

    Here's another tip from Adobe:

    If you occasionally get out of memory errors, restart Photoshop to defragment your RAM. If these errors occur frequently, decrease the memory slider in Photoshop in 5% increments to see if giving less memory to Photoshop allows Camera Raw and other filters and plug-ins the amount of contiguous RAM that they need.

    If you want to read the full article you can get it here

    Good Luck,



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      I just checked and have 24 GIGs of hard drive space.


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        Try increasing your paging file size, so that it is set at 1.5 -2 times so I would say about 2.5GB. or 2684 bytes.


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          Originally posted by tb5821
          Try increasing your paging file size, so that it is set at 1.5 -2 times so I would say about 2.5GB. or 2684 bytes.
          Please explain. I don't understand. Where do I do this? Thanks


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            Is your new memory actually being recognized by your computer? Some models are very picky about what configurations they'll accept.
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              1. Check Edit>Preferences and check where your scratch disk is designated. If you have more than 1 partition on your hard drive (i.e. a C and D partition), assign your scratch area to be the partition that does not contain the operating system.

              2. Reduce the number of history states to the default of 20.

              3. Download and install the Update for PS which was released 2 days ago by Adobe. It is 12MB in size and fixes a bunch of things and will turn your version 9.0 into 9.01

              4 If none of the above or the aforementioned works, try resetting your PS preferences by holding down the Crtl+Alt+Shift keys while you are starting PS. Sometimes the prefs get corrupted and when they do, very strange stuff happens. The only downside is you will need to spend a few minutes setting up your customized workspace and color settings.

              Good Luck
              Regards, Murray


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                Originally posted by camarosource
                Please explain. I don't understand. Where do I do this? Thanks
                As others have said, be sure that Windows sees the full amount of RAM installed...

                To increase your paging file:

                In the Control-Panel, select the
                System icon:

                (or right-click "My Computer" on the desktop
                and select Properties)

                Select the tab: "Advanced" and then
                use in the section "Performance"
                the button "Settings"

                In the Window "Performance Options",
                use the tab : "Advanced"

                In the section "Virtual Memory",
                the system shows the total size
                of the Paging file, which you can
                increase with the "Change" button.


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                  Short Memory

                  Okay a few things to check and to try...
                  Uninstall/reinstall Photoshop (you may also want to defrag your HDD/s and of course reboot system before you do the reinstall).
                  Double check your sysinfo to ensure your RAM is all good and HDD/s space is plentiful.
                  If you have more then one HDD set up a scratch disk on each with the primary scratch on a drive that windows doesn't use.
                  In my experience, especially when my HDD is getting full I get memory probs where windows and PS conflict over dwindling virtual disk real estate if I have got them both writing to the same logical drive or partition.

                  D'oh! I hate it when these things happen... and always at the worst moment too


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                    I remember reading someone suggest (for the life of me can't remember where now - it could have been on this forum) buying a super-fast removable hard drive and making it a dedicated Photoshop Scratch Disk. In other words it should be used for nothing else but for providing Photoshop with virtual memory. This, he suggested, should also be regularly defragmented. Having said that I just went to check what Adobe reccommend about Scratch Disks and they say the Scratch Disk should be of the conventional type i.e. non-removable. Anyone have any comments on this. I am having similiar memory problems as my hard drive runs out of space. It is about time I got a whole new system but it is going to have to wait for moment. I thought this might be a temporary solution.
                    Sincerely Syd


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                      a seperate (IDE, SATA, SCSI) hardrive is best but I used to partition my hardrive and put photoshop (all of CS2 actually) in it's own partition separate from windows... this of course is a pain because you have to reformat the drive and you have to allocate sufficient space... reinstall everything... hmmm... new hardrive sounds better, but the partition setup did work ok with photoshop.

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                        thanks!! fixed it for me!


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