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  • Screened image? Urgent

    I have a black and white image of a person I need to use in a publication. I have the file as a PhotoShop file, but when I convert to .tiff to place in PageMaker 7.0, the image prints as thought a screen has been put over it. I tried printing directly from PhotoShop and while the same thing happened the screen was finer. The psd image looks ok on the screen on both Mac and PC, and the .tiff file looks on the screen OK on Mac and PC. It is only when I place it in PageMaker and print that it looks funky. I urgently need to fix this problem as we are sending to the printer tomorrow. Any good ideas on what is going on?

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    could be colour space issue, maybe?... check out your PS and Pagemaker colour settings, your document's colour space(have you assigned one?) and your output colour settings/colour space. I don't know alot about pagemaker but I'm sure it can manage images with imbedded colour profiles as PS etc do. Mismatched colour spaces have yielded many 'interesting' results and tension headaches for me many a time


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      It might be a problem with your gamma-settings. Frankly I don't know anything about Pagemaker, which is probably what messes up the picture, but I had this issue with another program and it could be your problem as well. Try to find out if there's a gamma setting you can adjust somewhere.



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        getting rid of screened image

        A screened image may be corrected to acertain degree my a number of methods pick and mix from these
        From a print - place in the scanner at various angles from the vertical
        and try 3/4 scans.
        An image from a printed source has a screen placed there by the process camera/scanner for the printing process. According to the process used and
        colours deploy edthe screen is angled to prevent moire patterns forming in the final print.
        What you have to try to achieve is to reduce the degree of clash.
        Another method in the scanning stage is to slightly tap the scanner as the scan head is passing across the page.
        This may sound drastic but it can have a 'blurring' effect to blur the dots together.
        In the image edit stage the use of Unsharp mask and various levels of soften take the process further - it is a process of trail and error until an acceptable result is achieved.
        You may by now has missed the press time for the original post - but meanwhile experiment and store away the info for next time.


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          Or if by 'screened' you are refering to something similar to halftone or moire patterning; Filter=>Noise=>Median filter is another basic way to soften the artifact
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