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  • locked out of layers

    I am working on a pic using layers , I used a mask to create a sky color gradient. I then tried to erase parts of the mask and I can't open up my layers anymore. When I click on a layers it just goes a darker gray, instead of the normal blue color that shows a layer being worked on. also a waring pops up that says " could not use the brush tool becuse the target channel is hidden" any help would be great.

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    Try trashing the preferences.

    Shot down photoshop then when you restart it hold down the Shift-Option-Command keys and you will get a box that asks Delete the Adobe Photoshop Setting files click yes.

    This has worked for me.


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      locked of layers

      Won't that make me lose the image I've been working on?


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        Locked Layers

        I do NOT recommend you reset your preferences, except as a last resort. They do not get corrupted very often and the problem you have does not sound like corrupted prefs file.
        First thing I would do is Image>Duplicate. If you have turned something on or off or have a single channel or mask activated, it shouyld reset when you duplicate the image and you will not lose anything.
        As for the image you were working on
        Things to check:
        - That you have not accidentally turned off any layer icons (eyeballs)
        - Check to be sure that the layer you are trying to brush is actually the active layer
        - Verify whether you have selected the layer pixels or the layer mask
        - Check the 4 lock buttons near the top of the pallette.
        The error msg you are getting typically refers to some state that you have put your image in which is preventing the layer from being worked on because it is considered hidden.
        Regards, Murray


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          You probably don't need to reset the preferences here but to answer your question, "No, resetting the preferences won't mean losing the file you are working on as long as you saved it before quitting and restarting Photoshop."

          I think what you have done is hidden your layer's visibility by inadvertently clicking on the eyeball icon. This is why you are getting "Could not use the brush tool because the target layer is hidden." warning. Make sure that the 'eyeball' next to the target layer is visible. If you are not sure what I mean look at the attachment.

          Sincerely Syd
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            Syd almost got the point. The error-message tells it all: could not use the brush tool becuse the target channel is hidden

            Unhide all channels in the channels palette and the problem should be gone. If it isn't, could you post the psd-file?


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              locked out of layers

              thanks for the help, I'll try it out this afternoon.


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                Re: locked out of layers

                Hi I just had a similar problem and thought I'd post this just in case anyone else is having this 'locked out of layers / hidden channel' problem.

                I eventually discovered that I had a Quick Mask in my channels which I could move with the move tool and then delete ('Exit Quick Mask'). That's solved it! Hope it helps someone.


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                  Re: locked out of layers

                  If all the eye balls are visible and ur not on some tool that cant be used on that particular layer, chances are the program just bugged...what u need to do is:

                  1) create a new group (click the little folder icon at the bottom of the layers palett)

                  2) put each layer into that folder in the exact same order that its supposed to be in. In the end everything should be in one single layer.

                  3) create a new project with the same dimension settings as the one ur working on (eg width 546 height 986)

                  4) highlight the folder in the old project thats holding all the other folders, drag and drop it onto the new project canvas..everything will be position properly and the new project wont have the same bug as the last one...


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                    Re: locked out of layers

                    Thanks OMEN, that worked for me.


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                      Re: locked out of layers

                      I had a similar problem. eyeball okay, opacity okay, I tried a duplicate layer, that didn't work. nine layers, all good except layer one which was blocked by layer 0. Finally went to Layer, Layer styles and deleted all Layer styles for layer one, and layer one appeared.


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                        Re: locked out of layers

                        I had this problem.

                        dont delete preferences or layers!!

                        Simply open the Channels pannel > Windows > Channels

                        and make sure you havent disabled the "Quick Mask", and select the RGB layers above, this should then unlock the layers again.

                        *this is in CS5


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                          Re: locked out of layers

                          Lee-carrol got it right. Most likely, there is nothing wrong. As the error message says the channel you are trying to work on is hidden. My guess is that you are in Quick Mask mode, or you have hidden the selected channel (or both).

                          The things to check:
                          * Make sure you are in the correct channel(s). Go to Window > Channels, and click the "RGB" channel.
                          * Exit quick mask (Q to toggle). You can also enter/exit quick mask by clicking the icon at the very bottom of your tools panel. When in quick mask your selected layer will be grey and not blue (this was your problem, no?).

                          Needless workaround:
                          * Copy everything into a new document.

                          Things I definitely wouldn't do:
                          * Trash preferences.
                          * Call an exorcist.
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                          Last edited by Chain; 11-12-2010, 01:40 PM. Reason: Recreated the error message by going to Quick Mask mode and then hiding the Quick Mask channel.


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                            Re: locked out of layers

                            Everyone is so helpful but one thing we should be mindful of is the date of the OP. Before reviving a thread it would be useful to check the OP's public profile. In this case, domromer has not been back to visit RP for more than 3 years.
                            Regards, Murray


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                              Re: locked out of layers

                              Haha, nice one :P
                              I didn't check the original dates, I just saw that there had been recent activity -.-


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