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Is the Photoshop Log.txt file Helpful?

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  • Is the Photoshop Log.txt file Helpful?


    It seems that no matter what I do when working with images I "always" forget to do something.

    I just created for myself the best of the problems. I hope my question does not sound outdated or out of context.

    I finished working on an image, I flattened it and saved it as a jpeg. I wanted to keep all the layers that I had created with that image and save it as a PSD file. To my surprize, I think I clicked on "File - Save" so the image is now flat and all the layers are gone.

    Has this happend to anyone here? Is there a way to get the file back to the layers again?

    My question about the "photoshop Log.txt file" is if it's possible to run the file as a script... and if so how could I do this? Or if is there any other way to approach this where could I get the info?

    I did an inmense amount of work on this and it just came down to a "Flat jpeg file" Can you believe it?

    I would appreciate any help in any way thank you!!!

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    If the file is still open you can just undo a few steps and get back to the layered version.
    If it's closed then,sorry, you're out of luck.

    ... and no, photoshop does not have a log file like this - Painter does (but that's another story)


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      byro, actually photoshop does have a log file like that. It needs to be enabled however, and my mind forgets how. It basically shows you everything you did, ie what coordinates you applied a healing brush, etc.

      As far as running as a script...i really dont know...try googling around or searching the adobe user forums


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        Originally posted by Photo678
        byro, actually photoshop does have a log file like that.
        Yes, it does have a history (log) file, problem is that it is not like "that".

        OK, so let's define "that". What Don needs is a file that records every single step taken in Photoshop and which, in case of emergencies like his, can be re-executed later.
        The PS log file records only information about which tools were used, and in the case of filters will record which settings were used. That's useful stuff, and would even serve for a lot of members (including me) who wish to retrace their steps to pass on some technique to others.
        But (there's always a "but"), it does not record brush movements. It does tell you that the brush tool was selected - but not what you did with it. (which I find strange when this log information is presented in forensic evidence)

        Originally posted by Photo678
        It needs to be enabled however, and my mind forgets how.
        Edit>Preferences>"General" Tab>"History Log"

        Originally posted by Photo678
        As far as running as a script...
        Sorry, this is just a "written" log. There is an option for those who work with Photoshop Javascript, where you can also save a log file - but even this which contains exactly all the internal commands executed by Photoshop isn't much of a candidate for re-execution (and also does not log brush strokes).

        As I said, in Corel Painter, this stuff does work and you can repaint entire images straight from a log file. A cute aplication of this is the Painter export option in Curious Lab's Poser, which saves a file full of paint strokes which you then execute in Painter.


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          Thank you Byro!!


          Thank you very much for the clarification Byro.
          I kind of new there was not any remedy for me in this case. I thought this would help but now I see is no solution. I have not google for this information but I am sure if I did It would be the same way.

          Anyway, Thank you!


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