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  • distort smart objects

    hello, is it normal that i cannot distort nor perspective distort smart objects?

    those two options disappear/are greyed out in the transform (STRG+T) function when a smartobject is selected.

    any clues?
    (Verzerren = distort)
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    Smart Objects

    Because the Smart Object is treated as an object, you can apply the transformations to the entire object. For example you can do Edit Transform or Ctrl T to the entire Smart Object Layer. However, if you are trying to make a slelection within the smart object and then transform it, it will not work. However, what you can do is duplicate the layer and right click on the new layer and select Rasterize. This will turn your duplicated smart object layer into a standard editable bit mapped layer.
    Regards, Murray


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      hi, but did you take a look at my screenshot? it shows how i created a new document, added another layer which holds a test picture. i then make this layer a smartobject. nothing is selected (no marching ants) at all. i then goto edit/transform and now i would expect all commands available, BUT those two commands ("distort" and "persepctive distort") are greyed out.

      - Again
      - Scale
      - Rotate
      - Skew
      - Image Warp
      - Rotate 180°
      - Rotate 90° CW
      - Rotate 90° CCW
      - Flip Horizontal
      - Flip Vertical

      i can flip, skew, scale and rotate my smartobject all day long, but distort is not available, thats my big problem
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        Yes, I get the same results as you do. The reason why those two options are disabled, is not apparent to me. One thought I have is that the s/w for those two functions were legacy code which can not operate on Smart Objects.
        If you want an answer, my recommendation would be to post your question in the Adobe PS User to User forum, here:[email protected]
        Some of the technical wizards will no doubt have the answer.
        Regards, Murray


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          FYI, I just remembered that if you create a text layer, and you apply an Edit>Transform, the Distort and Perspective are also disabled. This is noted in the PS User Guide and Adobe's only work-around is to rasterize the layer which renders the type uneditable. I am sure the program designers have a logical explanation but the limitation looks like something you will need to live with.
          Regards, Murray


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            ok thanks mistermonday, ill see if i can find some deeper info in the adobeforums you linked.


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