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  • Adding a font

    Mac OS X 10.4.7
    Photoshop CS

    In my Font Book, I have over 3000 fonts, yet only the ones from A-C are available to me in PS. I have a specific font I'd like to add to PS, but I can't figure out how. I'm presuming there is a limit to the number of fonts PS can handle, is there any way to increase that number, or at least add this specific font?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Re: Adding a font

    FontBook was not designed for thousands of fonts. It does an adaquate job with the normal system installed fonts, but if you are going beyond that you need a font manager.

    There are several available and Suitcase, Font Agent Pro and Font Explorer are among the recommended. Suitcase is commerical software, FontAgent Pro started as shareware and Font Explorer is FREE.

    Font Explorer is from Linotype (a well known name in font creation). Download and try it.