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Problem moving items on Photoshop Window

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  • Problem moving items on Photoshop Window

    Need help. Am in a situation, created by me, but can't seem to get back to normal.

    Somehow I got into the situation shown. I can't grab or drag anything to get the Photoshop screen back to normal.

    Now what???


    In addition I now have the Retouch Pro screen problem. I reduced the size of the screen by dragging the edge toward the middle and now whenever I open Retouch Pro I have that shrunken screen.

    This is not my day.

    Now 1:30 AM so will go to bed. Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day.
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    Re: Problem moving items on Photoshop Window

    Problem solved in both areas. After playing around for a while the problem "went away" just as it appeared. Have no idea of what I did so I assume that it will happen again.

    Thanks anyway.


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      Re: Problem moving items on Photoshop Window

      Glad you're back to normal again!

      I'm not sure what happened with your Photoshop window, but someone here will recognize the problem (in case it happens again). The RetouchPro window sizing should be taken care of by clicking on the "Maximise Window" icon -- top right-hand corner of browser window. I can remember years ago having to set something to make it always pop up full size, but I don't do that now -- there may be a setting that's a default...

      Anyway, something like this has happened to me many times when I first started with computers and then when I started with the internet -- I don't remember the details, but I can remember being frustrated and worried until I got things working again! It's just part of the process, and then you learn it and forget the problems. Of course, I forget lots of things ...