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    I Do many Animated Sigs and Avatars, I just recently started doing a few Movie Sigs And have gotten pretty good with it, however it lags my Photoshop real bad when doing it.
    Is it possible that so many plugins are running and is it possible to disable some?
    Then if so how will I know which ones to disable?


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    Re: Plugins

    The number of plugins you have installed shouldn't affect Photoshop's performance at all. It might slow down the startup, but that's it. I suspect your trouble lies elsewhere.

    However, you can make a special folder outside your Photoshop directory for 3rd-party plugins, then point Photoshop to that folder in prefs. Then, if you need to disable plugins for any reason, just uncheck that pref and restart Photoshop. When you want them back, just check it again.
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      Re: Plugins

      ....or put an underline "_" in front of a plugin folder's name. PS will just skip it when loading plugins.

      (That's not some Japanese smiley - that's an underline between quotes, OK?)


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        Re: Plugins

        Ok thanks I thought plugins would or could slow your photoshop down, Ok thanks.



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