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  • undo feather selection pet peave

    I have a real pet peave with using the lasso tools and after you make a great selection and delete you find that feather was set to 0, and if you undo and hit 0 for feather the current selection still has a 3px feather...grrr. Is there anyway to reset the feather to 0 without re-selecting???

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    Re: undo feather selection pet peave

    Across the top of your window should be the option bar with a box for Feather. Set it to zero before you make the selection. You can always feather the selection afterward. Moreover, here is another process you can use. Leave the Feather always set to 0. Make your selection. Then hit Q to enter Quick Mask Mode (you can also click the Quick Mask icon near the bottom of your tool bar. Now go Filter > Blur > Gaussian Blur. As you increase the setting you will feather the selection and at the same time you can preview exactly how the feather will look. When your done, just hit the Q again to exit Quick Mask mode and your selection will be feathered.
    Another option is available if you have PS CS3 only. After making your selection go Select >Refine Edge. From there you can feather and see a preview.
    Regards, Murray


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      Re: undo feather selection pet peave

      100% agree with mistermonday: 0 px feather with select tool; feather using Gblur in Quick Mask mode.

      re: Quick Mask mode
      * I set my QM options to 'mask shows selected' and 100%. Then what you see is what's going to be selected.
      * Use Filter > Other > Minimum and Maximum to expand/contract selection "right before your eyes"
      * Sometimes it helps to Ctrl + I to invert the mask to see if you "got it all."

      Selection rule of thumb: If it takes me > than about 5 min to create a selection, I'll save it via Select > Save selection = if I hose it or just lose it later Select > Load selection saves the trouble of redoing it.


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        Re: undo feather selection pet peave

        Adam, I might be wrong, but I think that the above posters haven't answered your question the right way around.

        If you've made a feathered selection, and you want to un-feather it, go into Quick Mask and go to Brightness/Contrast and up the contrast until you get the sharp edge you want.

        But honestly, if you're serious about your selections, you should be making them in Quick Mask to begin with.


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          Re: undo feather selection pet peave

          That is great info everyone and duly noted and stored, have been in similar situtations now i can get out of them (hopefully) Thanks all



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