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  • White out

    Ok lets try this angle, Problem below still same.
    When I open a new window and if I click polygon Lasso while in background layer after i click a few spots my whole screen goes White cant see the box or anything just the lasso and lines it made.
    If I add a Layer then Lasso it does Ok.
    Im thinking whats happening here is what is causing my other problem aswell.
    Ive uninstalled cs2 then reinstalled my photoshop7.0 and tried opening a .mov like post below SAME Thing. So Im thinking it has something to do with my Computer.
    Now 2 days ago i reformatted my whole harddrive and reinstalled everything to try to correct this problem with no availe.
    Im frustrated and dont know what else too do.
    I can do everything but no movies in Sigs and that is what I like doing.
    Can anyone help.


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    Re: White out

    Frogger, sounds like a video card problem.


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      Re: White out

      Ok Ive checked my Computer Drivers and all that. Maybe its possible my Vid card is going out, but I game online and seem to have no issues there.
      Im talking to members in our gaming community and they are saying that ImageReady is not the best for animating Movies that I should look at Using After Effects. Anyone know anything about this?