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too many Plugins?

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  • too many Plugins?

    I have quite a few Plugins installed but they are not all showing up when I try to apply a filter. Do I have too many? Is there a limit?

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    Re: too many Plugins?

    Which product are you using?



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      Re: too many Plugins?

      I'm using Photoshop CS2.


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        Re: too many Plugins?

        Plug-ins are strange and wonderful beasts. I don't know of any limit to the number of plug-ins that you can have, but having tons of them can slow down bootup time for Photoshop.

        A couple things to be aware of when installing plug-ins. Some are pretty straight forwared, just drag and drop into the Plug-ins folder. Other must be installed with the software package installer that puts stuff where it needs to go for you. Also, when downloading freebies and plug-ins from internet sites, make sure they are intended for your operating system. PC plug-ins won't work on a Mac and visa-versa. Some older plugins no longer work with newer versions of Photoshop. Some plug-ins do not show up in the normal Filter's menu, but in the File>automate menu instead (Genuine Fractals being one that I know of.)


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          Re: too many Plugins?

          I removed a lot of plugins to see if that would make a different, but it didn't. I still only get plugins with names starting with A - N, I can't scroll past "N". This happened once before, but I can't remember the fix! I've moved many plugins to a "plugin" folder outside of the regular PHotoshop plugin folder. Any other suggestions?




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            Re: too many Plugins?

            Originally posted by NadiaB View Post
            I have quite a few Plugins installed but they are not all showing up when I try to apply a filter. Do I have too many? Is there a limit?

            How many is "many"?
            Maybe the plugin that is after the last one you can see in the list, is fawlty, making CS2 stop listing after that one?


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              Re: too many Plugins?

              Nadia... Mac or PC?

              Some folks do store their plug-ins outside of the Photoshop folder, but I don't so can't help you there.


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                Re: too many Plugins?

                this may be way too obvious, but i'll mention it just to eliminate it. the scrolling of the filter/plugin list is not automatic. you have to press the tiny little up and down arrows at the bottom or top of the list to make things scroll. i have a lot of plugins also and tend to forget that little arrow thing also.

                oh, and i believe you have to have an image loaded before you can scroll, also. otherwise, it's all just ghosted.


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                  Re: too many Plugins?

                  Yes there is a limit, but off hand I can't remember the number. 80 comes to mind but not sure.



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