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Photoshop CS: Any problems with Vista?

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  • Photoshop CS: Any problems with Vista?

    I need a new computer and will buy it shortly. I have heard that there is a problem loading and/or running Photoshop using Vista. I am using CS and wonder if anyone is having difficulties running CS using Vista. If so I will strongly consider installing XP.


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    Re: Photoshop CS: Any problems with Vista?

    I started a new thread on this particular topic (CS, Vista) so replies won't get mixed in with the PS 7 / Vista replies.

    Photoshop aside, what are you hoping Vista will do for you in terms of features or performance or anything of that nature that XP cannot? In other words, why are you considering a change in operating systems? (Whether you change or not is OK with me ... just curious.)


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      Re: Photoshop CS: Any problems with Vista?

      I have had a great deal of trouble with my computer. May be software or hardware. In any event, since my computer is 6 years old, I decided to get a new computer and I want to be sure that CS will run on it without a problem. I have read that some people have reported problems running CS or Photoshop with Vista. Since I enjoy using Photoshop (hobby only) I want to be sure that I get an OS that will not give me a problem when running or installing Photoshop CS. I know that it runs fine with XP and I want to be sure that I don't have problems if Vista is the OS.


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        Re: Photoshop CS: Any problems with Vista?

        It's unlikely your current problems are hardware related. They are most likely due to six years of installing/uninstalling software and a lot of leftover Windows Registry settings. If it was easy to do, offloading your C:\ drive and doing a fresh install of XP and all software would most likely cure what ail's ya. But getting a replacement machine has its advantages if you're looking for more speed, RAM, throughput, disk space, etc. all in one shot. Did that myself about a year ago.

        a. CS definitely runs fine under XP.
        b. There are some who have reported difficulties using Vista.
        c. "I enjoy using Photoshop (hobby only) and want to be sure that I get an OS that will not give me a problem when running or installing Photoshop CS."

        Reading between the lines here's my .02.

        You already understand how to use XP and did not identify any compelling technical reasons to upgrade to Vista. If your current PC is six years old, you probably have older ancillary hardware, e.g., printer, scanner, etc. that may need Vista drivers and/or older versions of software besides Photoshop that will need to be upgraded or replaced for Vista.

        Why not get a "Vista ready" machine with XP pre-installed? That would assure the highest degree of certainty in terms of compatibility with all your current hardware and software, the least hassle in terms of getting going (no need to "learn Vista, too") and provide a future option to upgrade to Vista should you decide to do so.


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          Re: Photoshop CS: Any problems with Vista?

          Hi Danny,

          Thanks for the input. My thinking exactly. About time to replace my computer anyway. That is exactly what I will do. Will have XP rather than Vista as OS. As you indicated all my old hardware can be used without a problem.

          Thanks again.


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