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Oval/circular Pictures In Photoshop

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  • Oval/circular Pictures In Photoshop

    Could someone tell me how to make an oval or circular picture in CS3 and then save without a background to lay on a website background already used. I know how to make the shapes with the marquee tool, make the selection, but can not figure out how to cut and put on transparent background. They will save with a white background when I upload to my website.

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    Re: Oval/circular Pictures In Photoshop

    Hi, CC.. Welcome to RetouchPRO!

    First turn the Background layer to a layer that will support transparency (double click on the layer and say Okay to the defaults). Make your oval selection then INVERT the selection and delete the background.

    You should now have your oval image on a transparent background. If you need to adjust the size of your image, crop and set Image size. Save your image as a .PNG file. That should do it for you.