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RAM/Scratch performace problems

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  • RAM/Scratch performace problems

    Hello All,
    I've posted my issue in several forums, talked to the Mac store people etc, but nobody has been able to help. I've seen some really solid knowledge expressed on this forum so I'm hopeful!

    Basically, my problem is that Photoshop isn't using it's allocated ram, it jumps over to the scratch discs long before it runs out of memory. Yes, I know it will only use half my total, problem is that it only uses a fraction of that.
    Here's my setup:

    Apple dual 2GZ G5
    OS X 10.5.4
    1 250 system drive
    1 500GB working media internal drive
    5 external firewire and usb 2.0 storage drives
    Photoshop CS3

    No matter how much RAM I allocate to Photoshop, when I watch the activity monitor and my efficiency tab I can see that after Photoshop uses about 1/2 GB (of the allocated 3GB) it starts to use my scratch discs for some filters. For example, I run an action with a filter and the efficiency drops to 60% but I'm only using 450MB of RAM. What's the deal here? How do I stop this? If I run more actions after that it will eat up more RAM but never up to the 3GB allocated and uses scratch discs too.

    I've pretty much tried everything to remedy the problem. I reinstalled CS3, reinstalled my OS and then I even put in a new system drive, new OS, and a new version of CS3 yet the problem persists. All my other programs run fine and use plenty of RAM only PS has this problem.
    Actions that used to take 5 seconds to run are taking 2 minutes. Help!

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    Re: RAM/Scratch performace problems

    photoshop has never been very efficient with using ram, that's why adobe recommends 4 to 6 times your file size in RAM..have you tried asking on this blog:


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      Re: RAM/Scratch performace problems

      I have 3GB available for PS (6GB total) and my files are 50mb when uncompressed (Canon 1DsMKII 16GB, working in 8 bit). That's much more than is supposed to be needed. PS starts piling into the scratch disc well before I get over 1/2 GB into the RAM.
      Thanks for the blog link, I'll try there. I'm on my second try on Adobe's forum with no useful help there either.


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        Re: RAM/Scratch performace problems

        Is your second 500GB drive empty and allocated as your scratch disc only?
        Try that and see if your performance improves.


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          Re: RAM/Scratch performace problems

          the machine at work has 8 gigs(2 quadcore inel chips) of ram but no external scratch disks..i turned on the efficiency info while working on large files(1.2 gig) and the efficiency dropped down to about 44% for each could be that on a slower machine as yours it can only move so much information at a given time but your files aren't that big...


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