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The Joys of finding Photoshop brushes

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  • The Joys of finding Photoshop brushes

    I've spent a couple hours today having lots of fun playing with making my own brushes and shapes and digital doodling with the brush sets included with Photoshop 6. I have a whole new set of star-shaped brushes, simply because that's as advanced as my drawing goes.

    Granted, this is probably the sort of think mentioned right off in a basic Photoshop guide, but I just now found them. It only took me a year... Who knows what goodies I'll finally figure out next year?


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    The brush engine was the single biggest change in PS7, so you have that to look forward to, as well. Imagine brushes that change color as you use them, that taper at the beginnings and ends, or that can assign their own random attributes. And that's just the tiny bit I understand so far.
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      \Goodies and \Goodies\Adobe Photoshop Only

      PS 6 Folks - does the following hold true for PS6?
      Hi Sonya:

      I'm a PS 5.5 person, but I suspect PS6, 7 have an installation file structure similar to 5.5.

      With 5.5 came a folder called "goodies," (and a folder within goodies, \Goodies\Adobe Photoshop Only, where in addition to brushes which it sounds like you found, I also I found more Adobe-developed actions, gradients, textures, color swatches, etc., too.

      I'd poke around more that folder if you haven't yet. Some of the file sufixes are:
      * .atn - Action
      * .abr - Adobe Brush (I guess)
      * .psd - Textures (maybe some .jpg)
      * .gdr - Gradients


      Have you discovered all the free brushes, gradient, actions, textures, etc. that can be downloaded free from the net?

      I use a lot for this kind of thing. If you tried a search argument such as:

      photoshop custom brushes

      ...and I'll bet you'll be in brush heaven (or heck) for about three years.

      [I just reread this... I hope this is the kind of response / info you're looking for. If not, it was fun writing it! ]



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        I just found the Goodies folder on my 6.0 CD today, so I've been having even more fun playing with that. Thanks for mentioning it!

        With all this new-to-me stuff to play with, I think I'll be able to occupy myself quite well until I can spring for the v. 7 upgrade.



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