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  • Workspace background

    I once saw this very cool background set for PS (workspace) in 1 of the video tutorials. It's not just a simple change in background color but a completely (image) background (like those we set for computer desktop background)

    Can we do that for photoshop workspace ???


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    Re: Workspace background

    Good question; I'm not aware of a means. The final answer will be interesting to see.


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      Re: Workspace background

      you mean something like this?
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        Re: Workspace background

        I don't see any image background on your ... (is it ps workspace ???)

        I think I noticed it from 1 of's tutorials


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          Re: Workspace background

          Why would one want to put something distracting on the background of an image application?

          I saw a Beta of the new Photoshop CS4 and it had the background that pixelzombie put up. Plain grey.


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            Re: Workspace background

            It's not a matter of using it, just a matter of knowing & learning something new from photoshop (that one never know that it possible)


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