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  • Brush Problem

    I've got a small problem with some brushes, not on my PC but a friends.
    I tried to give this friend some brushes, that work fine for me, but when they install on their comp, no go unfortunately.
    I'm using CS2 (XP Pro) and my friend is using PS 7. (Vista)
    I didn't think there was a problem with brush compatibility between the two versions of PS, but could be wrong.

    1) If there is a compatibility prob, is there a work round that could be used?
    2) If not, how can I recognise the prob before sharing in future (both versions use ABR Files)?

    In hope....


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    Re: Brush Problem

    There some hair brushes and some other high resolution brushes that do not work in older PS programs!

    The work around I use is: Use ABR Viewer (available here) Find the brush set or brush I want to convert for use in PS7... Export the thumbnails and save what I want... load them into PS... have each brush on a separate transparent layer.
    Then define your own brushes.. Simply turn on one of the layers and go to edit>define brushes. After this, your brush will appear in the brushes pallet. When you get all you want save a set


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      Re: Brush Problem

      Thanks OB I've just DL'd it and will check it out.
      The only thing is I think this would be okay for the brush 'images', but a lot of the brushes had textures and other dynamics along with them, so was hoping not to have to make a note of all these things. (Big Big job, lots of brushes in the set).

      Just a thought can these settings be saved as a file and How? - open question to anybody that knows?????



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        Re: Brush Problem


        This is a frustrating problem for us still using ps7. brushes made in a newer version dont work on lesser ones. As far as i am aware ones made in ps7 will work on newer versions.

        That is a great tip though Ol Baldy, Shame about the settings although not a great many use them ! !



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