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  • Two color brush

    This is one that has bugged me, getting 2 colors on one brush. Painter does it, and tonite I found a brush in PS7 that will, but it's not as easy to control as the one in P6/7. So, if there are any PS gurus here that know how to make brushes and modify them, come on down.
    I've got a screen cap here to illistrate. It's on the default brushes for Seven, too bad they don't have names or numbers, as it sure would help.
    Anyway this strange brush will pick up fore and back colors and apply both, but it does it in a alternating way that bugs me. If it could be harnessed, it could be a great tool for painting hair or just general work.
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    I didn't even know that brush existed. I can see that it is not on the same order as Painter. It looks useful for doing some grass techniques but certainly not hair. But nice to know it exists anyway. I'll have to check that out. Do you have to set certain criteria in the options palette to get it to use 2 colors or does it do it automatically?
    You know, if you can figure out how that brush was created maybe you could create your own to work with 2 colors but the strokes would be designed by your specific needs. Interesting thread. Can't wait to see if others can give more info on the subject.


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      Dynamic Brush Features


      You can find out the name of the brush by switching from stroke thumbnail view to small list or large list view on the brush palette. I believe the brush you are looking at is the dune brush.

      As for the colors, this is controled in the dynamic settings of the brush...a very neat feature. The Brushes palette provides many options for adding dynamic (or changing) elements to preset brush tips. For example, you can set options that vary the size, color, and opacity of brush marks over the course of a stroke.

      For example, under color dynamics, Foreground/Background Jitter specifies how paint varies between the foreground color and background color. To specify a percentage by which the color of the paint can vary, type a number or use the slider to enter a value. To specify how you want to control the color variance of brush marks, choose an option from the Control pop-up menu. There are a lot of dynamic controls to check out. I haven't played with these settings yet, but here is an article that may help:

      Understanding the Brush Palatte

      Also if you select help in Adobe PhotoShop and go to the index and select brushes there are several sections on the dynamic brush settings.




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        thanks T

        I don't have time right now to read but will.
        The main thing(problem)I think is the brush shape needs to be redone to work like a paint brush and not some subverted tube to paint grass, but to do nice comb like hair strokes. I really think this has to be addressed first.


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          I think as you go through the articles you will find that you can create your own brushes fairly easily. Also there are some great sites out there that have numerous brush sets!

          Adobe Studio Exchange as some great brushes for downloading...go here

          Best of Luck



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