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  • Batch --> Save for Web

    I've seen a few posts on this via the search function, but nothing addressing my specific problem, so I apologize if this seems redundant to some as I'm having a lot of trouble understanding this.

    I've been using actions to help quicken the process of making some content I need. One of the things I do often is cut out pieces of an image to save as separate files, which I do with an action that copies, cuts, deletes background layering, and trims a selection down so I can make it a happy .png image of its own. I also need to do file resizing (often many times for the same file, since I need them at different proportions for different things). This all works well and wonderfully, and I have no trouble getting Photoshop to do this (so I'm assuming all functions are working normally).

    The problem comes in when I save these images. If I use "Save As..." to save them all, it works just fine and I can save a patch with my desired file names and numbering system. But I need to "Save for Web" to get the proper optimizations on the images. When I try to Automate --> Batch this, the file extensions stop working. Instead of saving an image as filename1.png and the next in numerical order, it tries to same them ALL as filename1.png, and constantly asks me to replace the file. It seems like I have to save each image manually if I want to do it this way, and that's very tedious. I realize that "Save for Web" isn't really a "save" and is an "export," but I'm afraid I'm not experienced enough to know the implications of that.

    For the life of me I can't figure out why it's doing this. If anyone has any advice or help, I'd really appreciate it. I'm using Photoshop CS and running it on Windows.

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    Re: Batch --> Save for Web

    I posted this question on Adobe's Forum and got this response (which I don't understand as I don't create actions yet).

    Creating an action includes "Save for Web."

    Yes. It's my recollection that save for web (SFW) will only allow you to batch files to the folder specified in the SFW step of the action. In other words, you can't process images to multiple destination folders using one SFW action (as you would by utilizing save and close as the destination in a "save as" action).


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      Re: Batch --> Save for Web

      Gunner: Valuable info. You done good.



      Welcome to RP.

      The good news: You're not going nuts.

      The bad news: Using SFW in an action invoked by the Batch command has some limitations:
      * The folder specified when the SFW step was recorded is THE folder where Batch will save processed files regardless of any/all possible Batch > Destination settings one enters.
      * File renaming is ignored
      * If you happen to change the file name in the SFW dialog, Batch thinks you want ALL files saved with that name, so don't do that. If the file name is left unchanged in the SFW dialog, Batch will assign the name of the input file to the processed file.

      "Why?" Cuz that's the way Adobe architected it in PS 5.5 and it still works this way. I don't know their thinking, but...

      Here's a possible 3-action workaround:
      * Action 1:
      - do whatever processing
      - File > Save as... (some non-compressed format, e.g., .psd)

      * Action 2:
      - File > SFW
      .....specify \folder and settings, but don't change file name

      * Action 3: a 2 step action that plays the other actions = "hands free, 1-click"
      - File > Automate > Batch
      .....Action: Action 1
      .....Source: \wherever
      .....Destination: \intermdiate-folder
      .......(x) Override action save as commands
      .....File naming: whatever

      - File > Automate > Batch
      .....Action: Action 2
      .....Source: \intermdiate-folder (where files processed and named by the previous step live)
      .....Destination: None

      - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

      Let me know if this geets you over the hump.


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        Re: Batch --> Save for Web

        I am not exactly clear as to what Save for Web accomplishes when outputting a .png file; however, it may be worth your while to look at IrfanView and see if it will do the job for you (in a batch process).



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