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Batch Camera RAW processing Issue

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  • Batch Camera RAW processing Issue

    I am having some issues processing some RAW files in batch.

    I am trying to create an action to open, +25 Saturation and adjust the temp.

    These are the steps
    I create my action and start recording.
    File Open - Pick File
    Make Adjustments in Camera RAW and click Open Image
    File Save As
    Pick My Folder
    Choose my JPEG settings Making sure I click the override checkboxes
    Stop recording

    Now the action runs ok. It opens the RAW files and then saves them as JPEGs, but the adjustments are not getting applied. Did I miss a step somewhere?

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    Re: Batch Camera RAW processing Issue

    Welcome to REtouch Pro. Firstly, at the end of your action before you Stop the recording, make sure you first Close the file, then stop.
    Next when you set up you Batch Command, in the Source options, check:
    - Overide Action "open"commands
    - Supress file Open Options Dialog
    - Supress Color Profile Warnings
    In the Destination Options, do NOT check the Overide Action "Save As" commands.
    But in your action, use the Save As command to save the file if you have not already done so.
    To save time and frustration, I suggest that you test your action by making two folders - one with the source RAW files and the second to store your jpg output. Use only 3 RAW files in the source. Also when you make your Camera RAW adjustment, pull the Saturaion all the way to 100% and boost the brightness to 100%. That way if your action functions when you test it you will see that it worked instantly.
    Regards, Murray


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      Re: Batch Camera RAW processing Issue

      Thanks Murray. I needed your advice as well. Couldn't quite figure out what was wrong with the Batch. Now I know.



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        Re: Batch Camera RAW processing Issue

        Thanks for the reply. I am afraid it didnt make any difference. I must be missing something.

        I am using CS3

        Here is a screen shot of the Action

        Did I miss something?

        Update: I have tried this on both my laptop and PC now, both with the same issue.
        CS3 - latest patches.
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          Re: Batch Camera RAW processing Issue

          OK, you are not loosing your mind. It works in CS4 but not in CS3. In CS$ the Open command in the action captures all of the Camera RAW settingsas you can see in the screenshot attached. However in CS3 the action just records Open with no settings. I will need to poke around to see why. In the meantime here is a workaround. Use Bridge to open and edit one image in Camera RAW and save the file. Next from the Bridge view of the folder Shift click or Ctrl click to select all of the other RAW files in the folder. Then go to the Edit menu and do Edit>Develop Settings>Previous Conversion. Bridge will create a XMP file for all of the other RAW files and apply all of the same settings as the first image you edited. Now you can run your Batch and evrything should work.
          In general there are certain parameters that Actions are not able to record. In CS3, recording of ACR settings may have been not possible or perhaps the process was different. I will see if I can find the answer. In the meantime perhaps some else on the site knows.
          Regards, Murray
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            Re: Batch Camera RAW processing Issue

            good to know I am not goping crazy. It actually caused me to download Lightroom and start playing with that. I may actually start using it. I really liked the workflow.


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