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Photoshop 7.0 keyboard assignment

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  • Photoshop 7.0 keyboard assignment

    Hello all I was wondering if there is a way to assign a keyboard command to a menu item? I want to be able to open up the menu item that shows the size of the image with respect to resolution and length and width. This would be the Image/Image Size menu item. This would help me tremendously if somebody could help me with this. I already tried to give it an action with no luck. For the action to record it seems like it is waiting for me to do something beyond just opening the menu item. Thanks a bunch!

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    This isn't exactly what you asked for, but on the status bar click the black arrow and you'll get a list of options to display. Two different 'display size' options are listed, one for resolution and one for printed dimensions. Select one, and it will be constantly displayed and updated until you change it.
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      Adding keyboard commands

      Jon asks, "I was wondering if there is a way to assign a keyboard command to a menu item?"

      Yes, it's simple. Just hold down command/control + the key/s you want to use for the command while highlighting the item in the menu, and they will appear there to use again and again.

      Be careful not to use a combination that is already assigned to another command, or it will be removed from the old one...unless it's one you don't care about. I didn't really care about the "open" command, c/c + O, for example, since I never opened files that way, so I assigned that to a different command. In other cases, I just added a "shift" to the letter or number I wanted to use, etc. I made keyboard shortcuts for a lot of the transform functions since I use them a lot and they are buried in annoying submenus.



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        Action insert menu item

        Hi Jon:

        The action method can be a little confusing... Note: The following applies to PS 5.5, but probably works nearly the same way in PS7.

        After clicking the "record" icon, select "Insert Menu Item" from the Action palette. At this time you'll get a dialog box that "looks like" it's expecting input from you -- and the menus along the menu bar may be grayed out. This is pretty misleading, because if you click on a grayed-out menu, it opens just like usual.

        Select the command / subcommand from the menu just like you normally would, and PS will automatically populate the dialog box. Click OK and under most circumstances** menu command will be recorded in the action.

        ** Actions will execute "most" menu commands, but not all.

        If I had PS7, I'd probably take the route Phyllis suggested above, but now you have alternatives.

        Hope this helps...



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          Still can't get it

          Sorry Phyllis, I'm still confused. I tried your key combination with Image/Image Size using Ctrl+Alt+I or Ctrl+Alt+9 and several others. Could not get it to work.....Can't get it through my thick head I guess.

          Edited......I just made it work via the action method. Thanks! Could make it work though Phyllis via the method you explained. Wish I could have though. Thanks for your help.
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