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  • Another Photoshp 7 Question (Workarea)

    Here’s one that has me stumped. I’m using a dual screen setup with a Matrox 550 video card. When I start P7, regardless of how I left the program it will return to only one screen on open. I’ve tried saving the work environment as a dual screen setup, all to no avail.

    This doesn’t happen with Adobe Premiere, when I open that program it will return to the same dual screen width that I left it at.

    Am I missing something here? This is nothing more than an annoyance, but it is one that has become increasingly annoying. It’s a royal pain to resize my program interface every time I start P7. Any suggestions, or should I just stick to being a whinny butt?


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    So basically it's returning to the default palette location when you reopen PS? If that's the case, it sounds like your preferences aren't being saved when you close PS. The only time this happens to me is when I shutdown the computer without closing PS first. But there could be other reasons. Or this could have nothing to do with your problem
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      Actually Doug, the pallettes remain right where I put them, it's just the stretched work area that will not remian spanned across the two monitors.

      I have no idea why this is. Regardless of what I do, the work area opens at a single screen size and it is not maximized so it should (in theory) return to the spanned screen size which is where it was at on closing.



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        Have you tried using the "Save Workspace..." option under "Window"?
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          Yep, and that's hasn't doneit either. This thing just doesn't seem to like dual monitors.


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            This was the answer to another post here, and just might answer your problem as well:

            Close all Photoshop documents and arrange your PS desktop as you'd like it. Then close and reopen PS.

            I don't know if this will work, but a common thread in Adobe programs is this way of setting defaults (some defaults, not all defaults unfortunately).
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              Yep, tried that too! I'm afraid that I'm simply stuck with this abnormality. I even tried leaving the pallettes over on the second screen and then performing a close and reopen.

              The only thing that produced was pallettes over on the second screen with my desktop image and the workarea which again resized itself to single screen.

              I hereby throw my hands up in the air and consider this battle lost!

              Thanks for your help!



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