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  • Clone tool help

    When I select the clone tool option I am trying to clone Copy something from another part of the picture knowing where this is from the little cross that indicates where the clone is being taken from, however instead of an actually copy it is giving me a color shade as if were a paint color I was trying to apply… How do I get it to simply copy?

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    Re: Clone tool help

    - Which version of PS are you using?
    - I assume you are holding down the Alt key (on a PC) when you sample the area you want to use as your clone source?
    - Which of the Clone Tool options have you selected?
    It would be much more helpful if you could attached a screenshot of your monitor showing how it looks after you have applied the clone tool.
    Regards, Murray


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      Re: Clone tool help

      Are you cloning in "Color" or "Hue" mode? Press [Shift]+[Alt]+[N] to restore to normal and see if that helps.


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        Re: Clone tool help

        Thank you Der W by pressing shift + Alt + N this did reset the setting and caused it to go back to clone stamping.

        Thank you for this helpful advice as I am very slow learning this program and in general a slow learner and have a handicap when it comes to this and other simple things, again thank you and problem solved


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