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Patch tool not working properly

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  • Patch tool not working properly

    I'm having issues with my healing brush tool. Usually when I clean up little oil stains on the ground of the photo the healing brush tool would take away the stain. However this time around it only softens it. It seems like it's only overlaying the texture on but it's not cleaning the rear. Is there any settings I could accidentally changed it?

    This is what the healing brush tool is doing right now:

    Thanks for the time. Help would be greatly appreciated!
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    Re: Patch tool not working properly

    Rikaro, welcome to Retouch Pro. The clone tool when repairing, tries to maintain / match the lighting and texture of the area you are trying to fix. When the differences are very large then sometimes you get the results as you did. In this case you would be better off to try the Clone Stamp tool or just making a selection and copying and pasting it over the area you are trying to fix.
    Regards, Murray


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      Re: Patch tool not working properly

      EDIT: sorry what I meant was the healing brush tool

      Hi Murray thanks for the reply. However the healing brush tool has never failed on me like this and I think there must have been some settings that's I have set it wrong. I have used photoshop since 5.0 so I know the healing brush tool isn't working properly.


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        Re: Patch tool not working properly

        I will assume that you have checked to make sure you have not selected another Blend Mode and your on the right layer and opacity is correct etc.... Try healing on another image that you have done and know it works on. Try a similar source and destination that you have successfully done on a previous image. If you are convinced that the tool has gone wonky on you, then it is possible that your PS Prefs file has become corrupt - it happens from time to time. If that is the case you will need to reset the Prefs but before doing so, make sure you save your workspace.
        Regards, Murray


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          Re: Patch tool not working properly

          Quite weird... I tryed all the blending modes of the healing brush and I don't get the same ghosty result you get. Probably you're healing in a new layer instead the background layer and that layer may not be set to normal blending mode...


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            Re: Patch tool not working properly

            Thanks I have reset my photoshop and now it works fine again. Thanks!


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