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  • unusable filters - why

    i'm making a frame and want to add some more texture - an oval selection, with "border" 64 px applied, noise and emboss. i want to try some brush strokes on it and they are greyed out and i cant figure why. the frame's on its own layer. happens both when the frame is and isn't selected. what am i overlooking? feel like i've been at this juncture before but can't remember the answer

    i see i wrote greyed. it's chris h's influence. colour. there. had to get it out of my system

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    I can't really answer why other than to say it happens to me alot and I ususally find out it's some little thing I am overlooking that it doesn't respond right. I hate that because it really frustrates me.
    Can you give us as much specifics as possible? You know, like you were doing a challenge description. Kind of walk us through it step by step. What are your pallette settings, what brushes are you using any other pertinent info and maybe we can all fool around with it and try to reproduce what you are doing and why it's greying out the filters you want. Unless someone can tell right away for you. That would be great too. I however, usually need things spelled out first.


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      What color mode are you in? LAB, Indexed, and several others have restrictions on what filters can be used.
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        Kathleen, Check to see that the layer isnt locked? Like Dj said there can be lots of reasons--Keep us informed and if we think of anything someone will post you a suggestion. Oh, are any other tools/filters nonfunctioning? If so check your mode settings. Hang in there! Tom


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          wow you guys are a rapid response team if i ever saw one.

          i think it wass the color mode - i just flipped back to it - i was in cymk - switched to rgb and there they all are, filters, that is. i thought i had something to do with the emboss and went back to before that step but that changed nothing.

          anyway, thanks team hmmm rambo really isn't a good example of a team player is he. but he did get the job done.



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            Hummm...... A Digital Swat Team consisting of a Cow ,a Wizard and a set of flying letters. Kinda sounds like "Ya'll in a heap 'o trouble!" Tom


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              Wizard? I thought he was the castle Monster.

              Glad we could "attempt" to help Kathleen. Looks like it was a false alarm guys. We may have to bill her for our services for not letting us figure it out for her.


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