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  • Photoshop scratch disc message

    I recieve the attached message sometimes when opening PS 7
    Does anyone know what it means and how to fix it if it is a problem?
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    It's an error you get if your scratch disk is the same as your Windows disk. If you have your hard drive partitioned or have more than one physical drive, it's recommended to make Photoshop's scratch volume different than the Window's one...for example, if Window's is installed to the C: drive you should have Photoshop's scratch on a different drive or partition. I don't think it's that big of a deal if you only have one drive/partition...just an annoying error message!


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      I recently added a second hard drive, and put the Photoshop scratch disk on it. There was an immediate difference in Photoshop speed, which I *think* is the result of putting the scratch disk on the second drive, but I can't be certain of this. That nasty message is now history also. Never really had a problem before, but it seems much faster, especially on large files now.



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        That message will appear anytime PS has to rebuild its prefs file. So, for those of us with only one drive, it's primary purpose is to notify that our prefs file got deleted or corrupted.
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