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Imagenomic portraiture 2 crashing problem

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  • Imagenomic portraiture 2 crashing problem

    Im still fighting with this plugin for photoshop. Despite i made some correction what imagenomic said to do, my portraiture is always crashing. It works only when i start photoshop and go directly to P2. For second time or after some work in CS4 it will crash. Maybe somebody has some experience. Thank you

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    Re: Imagenomic potraiture 2 crashing problem

    Lack of RAM or CPU. I use to open about 30 images at once and edit them with P2 without any problem. Today I just had the same problem than you and it was because I overflooded PS with brushes, custom shapes and styles (more than 1000 items in each category) so probably you're having the same problem. Also, avoid installing too much filters. P2 is damn exigent, for example, I have an 8 cores MacPro with 8 GB of RAM and P2 uses all the cores at 100% and it's applyed in about 1/25 seconds in pictures 35mm format at 8-bit of 4000px in the largest side. What I'm saying is that you need a powerfull hardware for P2. Write up your PC/Mac Specifications in order to see what you should do.


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      Re: Imagenomic portraiture 2 crashing problem

      My spec are Intel Core2Quad 9500 2,53Ghz, 4GB ram, and using 6000pix longer side in 16bits. Thank you


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        Re: Imagenomic portraiture 2 crashing problem

        Originally posted by takamoko View Post
        My spec are Intel Core2Quad 9500 2,53Ghz, 4GB ram, and using 6000pix longer side in 16bits. Thank you
        Definitely a problem generated by the CPU. I have had a PIV with hypertrheading of 3,40 GHz per core (the first dual core, an extreme edition CPU) with 4 GB of RAM and the PC crashed when opening a 24 MP JPEG in P2.

        Cannot find your CPU:

        But's a quad core! It should have no problems managing a 16 bit files of 6000px. Even if the file is big, it shouldn't be the problem. However, try with another computer, but I'm pretty sure is the CPU. If you make the picture smaller and at 8 bits you will have no problems.

        I'm damn sure it's a lack in the CPU.


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          Re: Imagenomic portraiture 2 crashing problem

          Btw, check your CPU Usage when applying P2, you will see what happens with it.


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            Re: Imagenomic portraiture 2 crashing problem

            They have a revised version 2 (PortraiturePlugin2105u1.exe) somewhere on their site. This new version has the crashing problem fixed. They attributed the crashing of their earlier version 2 to some clash with some other plugins. Try this new version. Hope it helps.


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