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Colour dialogue box has changed

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  • Colour dialogue box has changed

    I use CS4.

    I have obviously done something to change the colour layout in my colour dialogue box, and would like to change it back. It currently looks like the attached screen grab.

    It used to be just one colour, ranging from pure white in the top left hand corner, down to pure black in the bottom left hand colour, and with pure brilliant colour in the top right corner. I forget what was in the bottom right hand corner, but it was all like one big continuum of the same colour.

    I would be grateful for help to restore my colour dialogue box to this state.
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    Re: Colour dialogue box has changed

    Try clicking on the HSL radio button instead of RGB. Hope this helps


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      Re: Colour dialogue box has changed

      Canna, I had that happen recently for the first time in many years of using PShop, and it took me a while to "fix it". Don't remember if I fixed it accidentally or found something on the net that clued me in, but I was SO happy when I just hit the "H" in the HSB section of the color picker and got my palette back the way I was used to seeing it.


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        Re: Colour dialogue box has changed

        Hi Amica and CJ,

        Fantastic! I'm back to normal, yaaaaay!

        Thank you so much for your help.


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          Re: Colour dialogue box has changed

          Thanks to Amica with the solution. Happiness for Canna with the color picker working normally. Peace for me because if it happens again and I forget the answer, I know I can do an internet search and find it here.


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            Re: Colour dialogue box has changed

            awww CJ, wouldn't it be grant if making people happy were always that simple?


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              Re: Colour dialogue box has changed

              Yes, it would! I love happy people and simple solutions! I wish and hope that we will always lots of each!


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