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  • Images behind windows

    Hi all,

    This is a minor problem but it's been driving me nuts! Any images that I have open in photoshop disappear behind the floating windows & toolbar when I drag then past them which is getting annoying. I like to always have the image I'm working on in the foreground as I work mainly with keyboard shortcuts.

    I've tried looking in Edit>preferences>interface but there don't seem to be any check boxes that do what I'm looking for.

    I'm anybody has any ideas I'd be really grateful!



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    Re: Images behind windows

    Hi David -
    You didn't say which version of Photoshop you are using. I am using CS4 and one of the things I found when I looked up similar problems is that floating palettes (panels) seem to create problems when working with images. I now have all my panels opening to the right in the right panel space, and not floating in the image space, and that seems to have eliminated my problems. I hope this helps.

    Gary Silverstein
    We Shoot


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      Re: Images behind windows

      Hi Gary, thanks for your reply

      Yup, I'm using CS4. I've just tried docking the tabs on my PC here at home and that seems to have fixed the problem. I don't seem to remember this being the issue in CS3. I was mainly having this problem at work where I have a dual screen setup so I may not be able to dock the panels in the same way, but I shall try tomorrow!

      Thanks again



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        Re: Images behind windows

        Have you tried putting the docks where you want them and then saving them in that space so that they will always open there?


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          Re: Images behind windows

          Hi Gunner, yup, I have the workspace all set up the way I like it and saved as a template or whatever you call it, problem solved, cheers!


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            Re: Images behind windows

            Good deal then.


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