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Lighter colours in JPEG after saving

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  • Mike Needham
    Thanks for the headsup VisualEyes and Doug, I will be sure to uncheck my box and failing that delve into the swathes of info on colour management.

    Will let you know if I cure or discover something of help. Thanks

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  • Doug Nelson
    I suspect your very last checkbox in the advanced settings (blend rgb). Here's mine:
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  • VisualEyes
    I've noticed the same problem - - I thought it was just me and my ignorance. Your post motivated me to look into it and based on what I've read on Adobe's site, the problem isn't really a problem so much as "the nature of the beast".

    When editing images in Photoshop using color management, you (of course) are viewing color-managed pixels. When viewing images in a browser, there is no color-management, thus a color shift is perceived. Similarly, the "Save for Web" interface does not use color-management because .gif and .jpg images do not store color-management information - - thus the what-you-see-is-not-what-you-save color difference.

    I don't see that there's an easy resolution short of not using color management. If that's not a viable solution, here's a good tutorial on all the nuts and bolts of color management:
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  • Mike Needham
    started a topic Lighter colours in JPEG after saving

    Lighter colours in JPEG after saving


    Its driving me nuts! Since reformatting and reinstalling photoshop I have had a peculiar problem. In photoshop my colours are deep and vibrant, whenever I save to JPEG it alters the colours (more correctly the gamma) to a lighter version.

    I presume this has to do with colour management, I have changed the working profiles and fiddled with numerous other settings, but as yet have not found a solution.

    heres how my colour space is defined at moment, any help greatly appreciated, also it looks the same when saving it, and when I reopen file in PS, only in browser does it increase the gamma - this is why I suspect the colour management settings.
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