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    I have been trying to draw an open-ended path in Photoshop 6.0 but the program keeps closing the ends. How can I keep the path open?

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    Re: Photoshop Pen Tool

    Originally posted by Dr.Geezle View Post
    I have been trying to draw an open-ended path in Photoshop 6.0 but the program keeps closing the ends. How can I keep the path open?
    Welcome to RetouchPRO Hope you enjoy your stay here and make lots of friends. Poke around, ask questions, have fun!

    select your pen tool. at the top you'll now see all the options that relate to the pen tool. you'll see three little squares. The first is the one I think you might have selected. It is for drawing shapes, instead of paths, which would cause your line to close. The next square over will let you draw a path, and it won't fill when you draw it. This is what I think you need to have selected when you use the Pen tool.

    This grab is from Ver7 but It should be close to the same
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      Re: Photoshop Pen Tool

      I'v tried your suggestion but the path still closes. Something is keeping the path from cutting off properly.


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        Re: Photoshop Pen Tool

        Hello and welcome to RetouchPro. Not sure why your paths should be closing, I have included a link to a PDF on using the Pen Tool, I was unsure if it would be useful, but if your skill level is beyond that already, excuse me.


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          Re: Photoshop Pen Tool

          (Another night owl?) Thanks for the PDF. It'll take me a while to work through it, but I'll let you know how it comes out.


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            Re: Photoshop Pen Tool

            It's 11.15am, I'm across the pond and turn right, although I am a night owl usually.


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