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  • Save for Web warning

    Does anyone know how to suppress the warning in the attached screen grab?
    The question comes up time and again on the net, but I can't find a solution, just people debating it's intent.
    For my purpose, I just want the answer, not someone saying "images must be resized before using 'save for web...'"

    Please and thanks!
    --shift studio.
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    Re: Save for Web warning

    Go to Preferences / File Handling, and check the options on drop down menu.


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      Re: Save for Web warning

      Thanks Boneappetit,
      I don't see anything there that would help. What are you referring to?


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        Re: Save for Web warning

        Photoshop Preferences, File Handling has a couple of drop down menus that ask you if you want to save always, ask, or never save. I guess you need to choose always save. That way the program won't ask you when you want to save.


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          Re: Save for Web warning

          Thanks Boneappetit, as I understand, those preferences are referring to image previews and maximizing file compatibility.
          I'm looking for a way to suppress the warning that states "The image exceeds the size Save for Web & Devices was designed for ... etc."
          Anyone know about that?

          Thanks, Shift Studio.


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            Re: Save for Web warning

            Well, it doesn't hurt to try, I just thought it could help...


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              Re: Save for Web warning

              yup - thanks. (I actually have those preferences set to 'always' already).


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                Re: Save for Web warning

                You are right, some other people have this problem too... Now you got me into curiosity hehehe, take a look here, maybe you'll find something that can help...


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