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Make sampled color my foreground color?

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  • Make sampled color my foreground color?

    Hi everyone!
    I have a little, but annoying problem in PS that I hope someone can maybe help me with. When I'm using the pen tool and option-click to sample a color, the sampled color becomes the background color (when I want it to be the foreground color). I know that I can just click X to change it to forward, but I'm using a wacom-tablet and don't have the keyboard very close.
    So, is there a way to automatically make the sampled color the forground color?

    Obs, I only have this problem when I'm using the pen+option-click, not if i choose the eye-dropper tool from the menu. Please help me, since I'm using this feature a lot it gets really annoying!

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    Re: Make sampled color my foreground color?

    Hi Whacom and welcome to the forums

    I have a Mac yet cannot duplicate the problem you describe.
    Could you clarify: When you are having the problem are you using the brush/pencil tools. I do not believe the pen tool has the functionality (or maybe I need to be educated which is always possible )

    When I try the same steps with Option click with the Brush or Pencil tool selected it always sets the foreground color. The only time that I can have the background color set with an Option Click is with the eyedropper tool.

    Maybe another member can jump in with a solid answer yet if this is not pilot error on your part, I would suggest resetting the tool and if that does not work then resetting preferences to see if that fixes the issue.

    Sorry I could not be more help


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      Re: Make sampled color my foreground color?

      I have the same problem. Option-click on brush (not pen) puts the selected color in the background and I have to hit x to get it into the foreground. The switch just happened automagically several months ago and I haven't been able to figure out why or how to make it go back to what it used to be. Hitting x after sampling a color has become so automatic now that if the problem did get fixed I'd be in trouble!


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        Re: Make sampled color my foreground color?

        I think I learned something new because I did not know this before. Got it to change modes back and forth. Here is the link the explains it:

        Depends on where the "focus" is set for the foreground/background swatches as set in the Color Panel.

        This first image shows the focus on the background swatch in the color panel with the black ring around background swatch:

        Screen shot 2011-08-18 at 12.55.04 PM.png

        Here is how it looks when the focus is on the foreground. Black ring around the foreground swatch in the color panel:

        Screen shot 2011-08-18 at 12.55.21 PM.png

        Causes a change in behavior in when using the Opt+Click in brush tools as well. Worked for me


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          Re: Make sampled color my foreground color?

          Ah, yes I ment the brush tool of course. Sorry, my bad! (was a little tired when i wrote)

          John Wheeler: thank you! This seems like the perfect forum for me as I love working with graphic art/design. I'm swedish though so my spelling isn't 100% perfect.. hope it's okay anyway. Thank you for trying to help me!

          lurch: yeah it's really wierd, seems to be some kind of bug or something. Bcs whenever I follow a tutorial from a book or video, they get the sample as the foreground color. Therefore i figured that I had accidently changed some setting, but maybe that's not the case?


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            Re: Make sampled color my foreground color?

            John: Spot on! Thank you sooo much, that solved the problem!

            lurch: just go under window -> color and then just click on the foreground color to make it "active". Works like a charm.


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              Re: Make sampled color my foreground color?

              Din välkomna. Jag lärde mig ny information också.

              Your welcome. I learned new information as well.


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                Re: Make sampled color my foreground color?

                Haha, you're great!


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