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  • Automate\packages

    Hello all (First time),
    I'm using MAC PS7 and when calling up the automate\picture package feature I get the message that it can't find it or it doesn't exit. I'm under the impression that this maybe a file missing or not in the correct place for photoshop to find. I had a simular problem with the extract command. A friend of mine made a correction and it showed up with many others. What can I check to get the package(s) feature to work?

    Thanks in advance,


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    Hi Frank:

    Welcome to RetouchPRO.

    If you haven't yet and if no one answers your question directly on this forum anytime soon, I'd recommend checking out the Mac/Photoshop forum at Do a search using keywords such as "Picture Package" and "[a specific keyword or two" from the error message you're getting.

    If you don't get any matches on the forum Adobe search, then I'd recommend registering (so you can post questions) and post your question (and specific error message verbiage) there. I cannot imagine you're the only Mac user (to date) to have experienced this problem.

    Don't construe the suggestion above as a "you're not welcome here" or "don't post this kind of question." Just trying to give a possible path to pursue until someone comes to the rescue at RetouchPRO!

    Hope this helps...keep us posted as you make progress.



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      Hi Frank,
      Welcome aboard. There have been others who've had the same problem with this. Click here for one thread where Sharon seems to have your problem. Although there is no solution listed in the thread, you might try sending Sharon a Private message (just click on the little PM button right under her first post) She may have contacted Adobe and gotten a solution for you. I have it and mine works fine although I don't use it very often.
      Click here also for another thread that deals with problems with that picture package as well but I'm not sure if it's the same trouble you're having. But maybe one of them could help you too. Good luck and let us know what the solution is if no one can come up with anything here.


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        Hi Frank,
        Look in your adobe folder on your hard drive for Adobe\Photoshop 7.0\Plug-Ins\Adobe Photoshop Only. There should be an automate folder there. Inside should be the different packages. I don't know the Mac alternative, but on my pc, I right click to bring up the folder and/or file properties. Make sure none of the property boxes are checked. Also check the contents of the folder and make sure each file is unchecked as well.
        If the folder or files are not there, perhaps they did not load correctly. You should be able to find them on your photoshop cd and copy them in. Before that, however, run a search for the folder or file name and see if it was installed elsewhere. The files in my folder are:ContactSheetII.8LI, ExportWizard.8LI, FitImage.8LI, Mode Changer.8LI, MultiPDFtoPSD.8LI, ResizeWizard.8LI, WebContactSheetII.8LI, WebContactSheetII.8LI, and WIASupport.8LI.
        Hope this helps.


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          Fit Image

          Photoshop7/Plug-ins/adobe photoshop only/Automate folder. I have a Mac, PS7 and this is where the files listed above live. Mine works fine.