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  • layer style help

    In adobe Photoshop CS-4 I copy a lot of layer styles into different layers in the same document. If you "option drag" a layer style ( ie copy) a layer style from one layer to another...the layer expands to show ALL the layer effects that are selected. I know all you have to do is "Click" on the 'Arrow" and it compresses. But is there a way to have it be compressed as it is copied thus eliminating the"clicking" step?
    Thanks for the help!
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    Re: layer style help

    No, I don't think there is a way. Even if you copy and paste the layer style it still opens up the style in all its unnecessary glory in the panel.

    They are not thinking these little things through anywhere near as well as they used to, thanks to the "let's release a new rushed version every year" policy at Adobe.


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      Re: layer style help

      If I understand correctly, you are after collapsing all your layer styles as a default instead of the expanded view that you are now getting.

      If you go to panel options located on the top right hand side of your layer panel, drop down menu, 3rd from the bottom>layer panel options, uncheck the expand new effects box , the very bottom box.

      Hope this help.